Join Jenn Cooper from the Canon Collective for a sunrise photography shoot down at the breakwall on Town Beach, Port Macquarie. Learn photography tips and tricks from the Canon ambassadors and try Canon’s latest equipment at one of Port Macquarie’s iconic locations. Together we’ll capture the sunrise at Town Beach, where hundreds of painted rocks decorate this coastline providing creative interest along the breakwall. Show us what you can capture in this iconic location.

Parking & event meeting point is Alban Place, Port Macquarie from here we’ll wander along the breakwall and capture the golden light.

Would you like to master your new camera without reading the instruction manual? This class will help you understand the fundamentals of using your camera, including exposure, aperture and shutter speeds, ISO, focus controls, flash, Raw, composition and more.

This class is perfect for those new to photography, or if you need a refresher on the photographic essentials!

• How your camera works
• Focus and focus lock
• Exposure and exposure lock
• Aperture and how it affects our images
• How to use the aperture priority setting
• Shutter speed and how it affects your images
• How to use the shutter priority setting
• ISO and how it is used in low light and sports photography
• When to use flash and how to avoid red-eye and other flash-related problems
• Working with light and dealing with problems you might encounter
• RAW files (introduction)
• UV and Polarising Filters
• Composition.

Please note most Canon cameras use an SD memory card, these are not provided by Canon.

Saturday 23 November 2019.

Carpark on Alban Place, Port Macquarie


From 5:00am – 6:00am

Meeting at the carpark on Alban Place, Port Macquarie at 4.50am.

Duration: 1 hour.
Cost: $29 per person.
Class size:

Limited to 20 attendees.

Recommended equipment:

Camera settings, Composition and Basic photographic skills

Recommended equipment:

Tripod is a must, camera, lenses, ND or Grad filters, fully charged battery and memory card.

A variety of Canon’s latest cameras and lenses will be available to try on the day. If you would like to try a specific product please email Jenn at when you register for the event.

Please note most Canon cameras use an SD memory card, these are not provided by Canon.