We’re super excited that you’re entering this Competition and very mindful about how much time and effort photographers put into creating an image.  

To make sure that your photograph/s meet the criteria of the Competition please follow our Photographic Submission Guidelines  which can be found within the Competition Terms and Conditions.

Who can enter this Competition?

The Competition is open to all Australian residents including:

  • Amateur and professional photographers 
  • Primary and High School students.  
What are the judges looking for?

Our new normal has seen us working from home, practising physical distancing, finding new ways to entertain ourselves, explore our environment, maintain our mental wellbeing and keep safe, active and healthy.

Through the exciting medium of photography our Competition’s focus is to capture our new normal, express our understanding of how to keep safe and healthy during a pandemic and show that we aren’t alone in this journey – we’re all in this together.

The Competition judges will be looking for photographs that express our new normal and COVID-safe behaviour.  To make it easy for you we’ve put together a coronavirus (COVID-19) resources page with links to information that will outline the COVID-safe behaviours that you can apply when you’re photographing people in different settings.

Your photos can include a range of healthy lifestyle themes and concepts:

  • Physical activity 
  • Working from home
  • New and innovative ways to entertain children during the pandemic 
  • Washing hands and wearing masks appropriately
  • Physical distancing
  • Healthy eating 
  • Respectful and COVID-safe relationships 
  • Healthy environments 
  • Diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion
  • Healthy communities 
  • Feelings associated with isolation
  • Well-being, resilience, purpose and happiness.

Use your imagination through landscapes, portraits, abstract, fine art, sports, macro, adventure, black and white, composite, documentary photography and the list goes on – your choice, we look forward to receiving your entry. 

Primary and High School Category COVID-19 Safety Ambassadors

Two COVID-19 Safety Ambassadors will be chosen by the judges, these awards will be given to the primary and high school student who has submitted a photo that accurately depicts COVID-safe behaviour.

To make it easy for you we’ve put together a coronavirus (COVID-19) resources page with links to information that will outline the COVID-safe behaviours that you can apply when you’re photographing people in different settings..  

What is the judging process?

The Competition is open to amateur and professional photographers with judging following a rigorous two-stage judging process. 

The first stage will be conducted by the Mid North Coast Local Health District to ensure photographs meet the Competition theme/guidelines and that each photograph meets minimum quality requirements.

The second stage will be judged by a panel of expert photographers.

Each stage of the judging process will be ‘blind judged’, this means that our judges won’t know any information about the creator of the image (the photographer). 

The judges’ decision in relation to any aspect of this Competition is final and binding on each person who enters this Competition (see Terms and Conditions).

Can I enter a photograph that includes nudity?

Photos submitted with images of nude people of any age will be disqualified from the Competition.

The person I have photographed has a logo on their T-Shirt will this be a problem?

Photos of people or places that include logos that are clearly identifiable will be disqualified from the Competition, exceptions to this rule include photographs taken at sporting events where logos form part of the sports uniform.

Do I need written permission from the person that I have photographed?

Yes, if you take a photo of a person where they are clearly identifiable you will need to ensure that the person photographed has given you written consent before entering their image into the Competition.  

If your photograph includes children under the age of 18 years you will need to have a parent or guardian give you written consent to enter the image into the Competition. 

If your photograph makes it to the semi-finalist stage of the Competition you will be asked to submit signed media consents prior to your photograph being published on the Competition website.  

If you don’t have written consent from the people in your photograph your entry will be disqualified from the Competition. The Competition Media Consent Form can be found on the media consent page of this website (see Terms and Conditions).