Asian children boy and girl with mother cooking a meal


Roll up your sleeves and put on your chef hats! We’re excited to announce the tastiest subcategory of the Your Health Link Photo Competition: My Quick Healthy Family Recipe. In this category, it’s time to play with your food in the most imaginative way possible. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to explore the colourful world of healthy eating, by creating a delicious, healthy dish straight from your family’s kitchen. It could be Granny’s famous vegetable soup, your Uncle’s legendary fruit salad, or your own unique creation – the recipe is up to you.

Now, grab your camera or phone, because we want to see your recipe come alive! You can capture a photo of the process of cooking the dish, the ingredients you used, the handwritten recipe, or the magnificent final product – use your imagination to submit one photo that represents your recipe. You must also include and upload a complete written recipe along with your photo entry. 

Just remember these few tasty tips:

So, budding chefs, it’s time to whip up some magic in your kitchens. Ready, set, cook! We can’t wait to see (and virtually taste) your healthy family recipes. Good luck.

Healthy Kids

My Quick Healthy Family Recipe subcategory is proudly sponsored by the Healthy Kids Association