Two children smiling holding a camera


Welcome to the Primary School Category of the Competition, this category is open to all Australian schools and students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

We encourage you to use your imagination to create some great photos.  So, grab your trusty camera, mobile phone or tablet and start snapping.

Entry to this category is FREE.

The Competition theme

Our Competition theme this year is ‘Healthy Life Healthy You’ where you can take photos of a whole range of topics such as:

  • people exercising and having fun outdoors
  • healthy eating
  • respectful and caring relationships
  • healthy environments
  • diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion
  • healthy communities
  • wellbeing, resilience, purpose and happiness.
What are the Judges looking for?

Find out what the judges are looking for on our frequently asked questions page.

What prizes can I win?

There are some great prizes for this category and if you win a prize your school will also receive a prize to support their Healthy School Canteen Program or similar initiative terms and conditions apply.

Do I need permission from my parent or guardian to enter the competition?

You must have permission from your parent or guardian to enter this part of the Competition (see Terms and Conditions). Ask them to help you fill out the entry form and upload your image.

Do I need permission if i take a photo of another person?

A signed media consent form is required if you take a photo of a person where they are clearly identifiable, you will need to ensure that the person photographed has given you written consent before entering their image into the Competition.  

My quick Healthy Family Recipe subcategory 

Primary School entrants can also enter the My Quick Healthy Family Recipe subcategory.

Explore the colourful world of healthy eating, by creating a delicious, healthy dish straight from your family’s kitchen, take a photo of your creation and enter it into the My Quick Healthy Family Recipe subcategory for your chance to win Ultimate Family Cooking Pack.